8 Places to Find Awesome Holistic Goods

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Holistic Goods

Now more than ever it is important to support small businesses so I've put together a list of awesome holistic based businesses to check out. You'll find everything from handcrafted jewelry to essential oils to pagan crafts to orgonite.

I've met and connected with each person on this list all of whom are amazing passionate people about their crafts or products. So you can check them out and discover some lovely businesses you may have never heard of.



Neter Energies

Run by one of the kindest and wisest people I have ever met. Uses ancient powerful geometeric symbols to counteract the dense smog of EMF signals abundant in our daily lives. Also stocks various colloidals for detoxing the body. Check out the website below for other offerings as well like courses on Radiesthesia (dowsing).

Neter Energies Website



Fire Tonic

Botanic Revival sells the amazing fire tonic! Amazing for boosting the immune system and especially helpful during the winter. They grow everything locally here in Ireland and then put it all together into one powerful tonic! Check out their website or follow them on facebook.

Botanic Revival Website

Botanic Revival Facebook



A lovely shop based in Skibbereen and they just launched their website. Full to the brim with all things pagan, viking and Celtic from art and crafts to some amazing natural incense. The vibe is great and Maria and Craig are just wonderful people, they really created a truly magical place.

Woodsmans Realm

Woodsmans Realm Website

Woodsmans Realm Facebook



Zillo Art Wire Wrap Bracelet

When I met Zillo I was blown away by his copper work, really unique and the amount of time involved is staggering. Copper is not his only method of creating and has stunning paintings, ceramics and glass. A super talented artist to check out and support.

Zillo Art Website



doTERRAR Essential Oils

Maria from Bodhi Balance offers the best essential oils on the market doTERRA oils. This is only part of her work though as she offers yoga and massage as well. A very grounded and kind person with a great holistic approach.

Bodhi Balance Website

Bodhi Balance Facebook



Cosmic Art Fire & Water

Nicola creates wonderfully beautiful cosmic art of all sizes from tiny ones you can hold in your hand to much larger ones. She really captures a beautiful flowing cosmic energy in her art and any one of her pieces will really add a touch of beauty wherever its put.

Cosmic Art Website



Orgonite Pyramid

These orgonite pyramids really make you go WOW when you see them! Made here in Ireland with so much love and care. They are not just pretty though as they generate a lot of positive energy by transmuting negative energy around it. Absolutely worth checking out and make amazing gifts.

Orgonite Ireland Website

Orgonite Ireland Facebook



CeeLabb CBD Oil

Ceelabb are a great Irish company creating CBD oils whose benefits are now finally getting the much needed attention they deserve. Run by some wonderful and very informed people. For anyone interested in CBD they are a great place to shop from.

CeeLabb Website

CeeLabb Facebook

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