Hi, my name is Micina. I am visionary artist originally from Slovakia, based in Cork.

My artistic practice comes from connection to myself and to the surroundings I interact with on daily basis (especially plants, trees and all the beings who are part of Mothers Earths sacred body).

When I create I ask for guidance and I allow myself to let loose with my hand and trust in what wishes to be created. Oftentimes I find myself I am only the witness of these creations. I like to think of myself as being a brush of the universe :). I feel like what I create comes as a gift. Gift which full-fills my soul and being with appreciation of possibility to have this as a passion and dream to follow.

I perceive my art pieces as a vehicles of love. The nourishment and gentleness which shines through them creates warmth and comfort in many which is much needed at this time.

My paintings are paintings of compassion and embodiment of feminine principles. Women goddesses we once were before the patriarchal society has created deep wounds throughout our minds, bodies and souls. At this time we play important role in bringing back the balance, to care for each other and this planet.

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