Hi and welcome to Source Creations! My name is Shawn, I’m based in Cork, Ireland, and since 2010 I’ve been creating sacred geometry and mandala patterns for meditation, protection and crystal charging. I have many years of experience and training with crystals and holistic tools and a keen interest in incorporating spiritual practices into daily life.

My path led me to various holistic markets around Ireland with my mandala work and I soon started offering a range of holistic products that I found effective, helpful and practical to use in everyday life. I also wanted to support other spiritually-minded crafters and began wholesaling their handcrafted items such as genuine shamanic dreamcatchers and smudging feathers.

After several years of offering these unique items in person and repeated requests to make them available for purchase online, I decided to create this website to be able to offer these handmade items and practical spiritual tools to people around the country, regardless of where they live.

I am thrilled to be able to collaborate with various talented artists and crafters and offer their beautiful work to the community, giving them an opportunity to sell their handmade items online as well offering helpful tools and products that I firmly believe in to those seeking a more holistic and spiritual lifestyle.

The products offered on this website are carefully chosen, with integrity and sustainability in mind. The majority of the items are locally and ethically sourced and purchasing them supports independent artists to create more beautiful works. Others are chosen for their wonderful properties and spiritual potential.

I plan to continue expanding the range of products over time as I discover new helpful tools and meet more wonderful people offering their beautiful spiritual work. Thank you for visiting and feel free to check out the shop here.

If you are an artist or crafter interested in collaborating, feel free to contact me via the contact form. Thanks!